I’m an RHS award-winning landscape designer currently living in the beautiful South West. My inspiration draws from art, patterns, textiles, architecture, literature, craftspeople, but most of all from nature. Designs can mimic the pattern in a piece of timber or the grain embedded in a granite boulder. I love the juxtaposition of sleek modern lines and materials with soft planting of grasses and perennials.

I look to wild spaces for instruction in how to create sustainable self-supporting plant communities which grow with limited maintenance and can withstand droughts and downpours, deep shade or fierce sun.

For each new design my starting point is the client. I like to get a feel for how they live and how they intend to use the space, what sparks their enthusiasm, their story. A garden should be beautiful, but it must also be functional and deeply personal. 

I also refer to the surrounding built forms, existing planting and ecology. I seek to create a sense of place using the regional vernacular that helps embed the garden into its environment and contributes to local wildlife habitats. 

However none of this is meaningful unless it is executed efficiently and to the requisite standard.

My background in project management has taught me how to collaborate with different organisations who may have opposing agendas, to create tight specifications, to monitor progress, and fulfil key deliverables on time and within budget. 

I am committed to creating landscaping solutions that are practical and meet all relevant building, design, accessibility and health and safety standards. Concepts are developed into technical drawings to provide information for planning, specification, tender and Construction.

The result is not just a unique and beautiful outdoor space, but the beginning of a journey from dream to a future of many years of pleasure.

I’d love to hear from you so please get in touch to discuss your design requirements or for an informal chat.